WooCommerce Integration


WooCommerce is a free open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. According to builtwith.com 2017, WooCommerce is the world’s most widely used shopping cart. It has the highest ECommerce platform market share: there are approximately two million active online retailers, 22% of top million e-stores created with this awesome WordPress plugin. WooCommerce is designed for small sized online merchants using WordPress. Launched in 2011, WooCommerce plugin quickly became popular for its simplicity to install and customize and free base product. WooCommerce is not only about setting up your own web store. It is a complete platform. If you run a professional website and want to integrate a web store, then you can do it easily with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce + WooPOS

WooPOS is a Windows-based application based on Microsoft .NET Framework. The WooPOS and WooCommerce partnership is a tremendous opportunity for businesses that want both brick and mortar shops and an integrated online storefront. With just a few clicks you can import your entire WooCommerce inventory–including pricing, stock levels, and product descriptions–to WooPOS. Products, stock levels, sales data, and customer contact information is also synced between the two programs. WooPOS acts as WooCommerce store manager so you can use a central management point to control inventory and reporting for multiple brick and mortar shops, plus a top-notch eCommerce shop. The backend process works in the background to keep your products, customers and orders continuously up-to-date between WooCommerce and WooPOS. WooPOS quickly and effectively manage your WooCommerce online store. It was designed to enhance the functionality of default admin web interface, bring new cool features, automate routine tasks and simplify day-to-day operations. WooPOS is an easy-to-use Windows application with simple installation. It doesn’t require any special skills to run and you can concentrate on your basic business tasks.

Central Management

One place central management makes WooCommerce store management much easier and quicker.


Create and change product description, image, price, variations, etc. Automatically synchronize to WooCommerce.

Stock Levels

Stock quantity will be managed automatically, you will never need to manually change stock level in WooCommerce.

Online Orders

Manage online orders status and customers information in WooPOS. Finalize online orders into invoice transactions.

More details about data synchronization between WooPOS and WooCommerce can be found here.

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