Employee Management

Employee Management

WooPOS allows you to track and support your team of employees across all your stores. Create user accounts and define permissions for each of your staff depending on their role. Customize to align with your store processes, and keep sensitive information hidden and secure.
  • Time Card clock-in-clock-out function to track working hours for payroll
  • Track employee sales performance and increase accountability
  • Track sales rep and cashier separately for each transaction
  • Reward your employees with spiffs and performance
  • Employee role permission on every detailed menu, button and functionality
  • Reduce errors, theft and discrepancies by doing Dayend (register closure) per cashier


employee management

Permission Control

Give different employees/roles different levels of access. Track logins, attemps and major activities.

Track & Log

Transactions are closely monitored could deter internal theft practices and mishandling.

Easy Training

Fully functional sandbox environment (training mode) that allows you to test and train your employee.

Time Clocks

Employees clock in and out at the register. Edit hours anywhere. Print reports for payroll preparing.

Reward Top Employees

Track commission sales for your reps and ensure your top people get compensated correctly.

Growing Team Efficiently

WooPOS helps you manage your growing team efficiently, manage your store effortlessly.